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About us

How we started?

So, what is Surfie?

We are building a space for open innovation and experiences, where work, leisure and a new lifestyle dynamic can be shared by the Hub residents - entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, surfers, families, kids, dogs! and the entire surrounding community. Everyone will feel welcomed in our hub.


We officially started this project in 2020, but have been together since 2011 under our main company BEMYSELF (Marketing & Events company).When we started working on this, believe it or not, it was an app for renting surf equipment. But we followed a really different path for Surfie.We started sharing to alot of people we know, our idea. It was a brainstorm of ideas actually. As we started to breathe and live our vision, every single day, from surf trips to movie nights - we got to a point we started to realize what we wanted to do.We finally started to have the right idea.

(the outside after)

(the outside before)

Become a Surfie host!

We are building a space for open innovation and experiences. A sustainable business model for everyone to share.

Have a spot?

Being a host means more then earning extra money. You are supporting sustainable travel and you have the chance to show other people your part of the world. Enjoy being a surfie spots host and everything that comes with it. Try it out - we are looking forward to meeting you!

Like experiences?

Do you do your own surf trips, love to travel and walk everybody on the streets? Do you offer surf lessons, yoga, do workshops or other types of healthy activities? Well, now is the chance to let other people know! Surfie will help you along the way!

Get in touch

We will help you along the way and guide you to the necessary steps to be a Surfie Host!


    Make a splash with WaveRide, designed for everyone passionate about all things surfing.

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