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Joint Keeyask Development Agreement

The Joint Keeyask Development Agreement: Understanding the Basics

The Joint Keeyask Development Agreement (JKDA) is a partnership agreement between the Manitoba Hydro Electric Board (MHEB) and the four Cree Nations of York Factory, War Lake, Tataskweyak, and Fox Lake. The objective of the JKDA is to develop the Keeyask Generating Station on the Nelson River in Northern Manitoba.

The Keeyask Generating Station, when complete, will provide 695 megawatts of renewable energy, enough to power approximately 400,000 homes. The project is expected to cost around $8.7 billion and is set to be completed by 2022.

So, why is the JKDA so important? The agreement is significant because it represents the first time in Canadian history that a hydroelectric project has been jointly owned and operated by a power utility and a group of Indigenous communities. This partnership is based on a framework of mutual respect, cooperation, and shared benefits.

Under the terms of the JKDA, the four Cree Nations will receive a 25% equity ownership in the Keeyask Generating Station, as well as economic benefits including job training, employment, and business opportunities. In addition, the MHEB has committed to providing $20 million annually to the four communities for the life of the project.

Moreover, the JKDA is not only an important partnership agreement, but it is also a significant step towards reconciliation between Indigenous Peoples and the Government of Canada. Through this partnership, the Cree Nations are not just participating in the development of the Keeyask Generating Station, but they are also asserting their rights and interests in the project.

In conclusion, the Joint Keeyask Development Agreement is a historic partnership agreement that represents a significant step towards Indigenous reconciliation and economic development. The agreement is based on the principles of mutual respect, cooperation, and shared benefits, and has the potential to provide long-term economic benefits for the four Cree Nations and the people of Manitoba.


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