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Surfing Lessons

Beach, Surf and Good Vibes

If you have a passion for new challenges and the sea, our surf classes are perfect for you. We work with highly trained instructors who are passionate about what they do. So don’t worry, they make sure you are safe and confident as you vibrate with the energy of the waves.


We offer premium experiences for surfers of all levels, from beginners to the most experienced. Our goal is to provide a memorable session where you will learn the basics of becoming a super surfer. If you are already an experienced surfer, we guarantee support for your progression so you can dominate and have fun on the waves like no one else. You’re in good hands!

“Happiness comes in waves”

– Surfie

We are located in the best surfing areas in the country, in Costa da Caparica. A magical and privileged paradise with beaches with crystal clear waters and perfect waves for surfing. We are also committed to nature, actively seeking to keep our beaches healthy and raising awareness among the community about the importance of environmental conservation.

adult surfing session

session pricing

  • from 60€ / person
  • from 40€ / person
  • from 30€ / person

kids surfing session

session pricing

  • from 50€ / person
  • from 40€ / kid
  • from 30€ / kid


rentals pricing

  • from 25€ / person
  • from 15€ / person
  • from 25€ / person

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