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Surfskate Lessons

Beach, Skatesurf and a Breeze on your Face

Combining the agility of skateboarding with the fluidity of surfing, skateboarding offers an unparalleled experience of speed, balance and adrenaline. Whether you’re an experienced skater looking for a new challenge or a wave enthusiast looking for innovative ways to surf on land, skateboarding promises endless fun and excitement. Get ready to surf on land and conquer the waves like never before!


The advantage of practicing this sport is the strengthening of the core and other physical qualities such as motor skills and coordination, which are fundamental for the healthy and complete development of the practitioners.

“Ride the street waves, feel the rush on the sea”

– Surfie

In addition to improving technical skills at all levels, Surfskate/Skate classes also help to overcome fears of falling, as well as boosting self-esteem and reducing stress and anxiety levels.


A sport that brings together the best of three disciplines: Surfing, Skateboarding and Snowboarding all in one!

Skatesurf session

session pricing

  • from 50€ / person
  • from 25€ / person

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